A Few Words About Us

The Southwestern Illinois Building Trades Council was chartered in 1974 and is dedicated to helping working people improve their quality of life. We are comprised of 49 member locals representing over 8,800 working men and women across Southwestern Illinois.

Council Delegates

President: Mark Chatham | Steamfitters Local #439
Vice President: Steven Grant | Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons #90
Vice President: Greg Kapp | Iron Workers Local #392
Trustee: Damon Williams | Laborers' Local #100
Trustee: Kelly Brown | Operating Engineers Local #520
Trustee: Ashley Selby Cougill | Insulators Local #1
Trustee: Rich Campen | Carpenters Local #664
Sergeant-at-Arms: John Schwartzkopf | Steamfitters Local #439
Executive Secretary Treasurer: Charles "Totsie" Bailey

Officers of the Executive Board

President: Eric Oller / Laborers Local #459
Vice President: Chad Goldschmidt / Operating Engineers Local 520
Executive Secretary Treasurer: Charles "Totsie" Bailey

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